The most reliable car reviews right here
Between tests and opinions

The most reliable car reviews right here

Between tests and opinions, reviews in the automotive world take stock of new vehicle purchases, spare parts, car insurance, or even tailor-made car-sharing solutions.

Adventure trips

Improvised trips in a powerful car for adventure.

The panoramic routes

Discover panoramic landscapes along roads and tours.

Travel destinations

High-performance cars for different travel destinations.

Road trips - Cars to suit your needs!

Road trips are best enjoyed aboard a powerful vehicle, ideal for driving on all types of roads, including rough ones. Big adventurers often opt for a compact SUV, motorhome, station wagon, sedan, station wagon, or crossover.

Car insurance: compare and find the best deal

To find the ideal car insurance package, a quick comparison of current offers is essential. It’s essential to look at the coverage offered, the exemptions, and the insurer’s rates.

Use an online car insurance comparator to find the best offers

Use an online car insurance comparator to find the best offers.

Pay close attention to coverage, rates

Pay close attention to coverage, rates, options, and procedures.

Request a car insurance quote based on your car model and features

Request a car insurance quote based on your car model and features.

Handy accessories for easier driving

Car accessories make driving easier and more practical. Between gadgets, spare parts, and exterior accessories, they play both an aesthetic and a utilitarian role. They are chosen according to brand and functionality.

Automotive gadgets

Automotive gadgets

Must-have automotive gadgets for your car: smartphone holders, dashcams, USB sockets, Bluetooth transmitters

Exterior car accessories

Exterior car accessories

Car accessories to personalize your car from the outside: intelligent lighting, roof boxes, decorative bumpers, paintwork.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Common spare parts to restore your car: wheels and tires, rims, brakes, shock absorbers, injectors, and clutch.

Car-sharing - Free up your car when you're not using it

Car-sharing makes it easy to earn money by renting your car when you don’t need it. Specializing in car rental, Getaround can help you with your car-sharing projects. The platform considers all types of vehicles: hybrids, green cars, classic cars, coupes, 4x4s, sedans, city cars, crossovers, etc.

Periodic technical inspection

Periodic technical inspection

Whether new or used, all vehicles are subject to periodic roadworthiness testing. This involves checking the vehicle’s condition and the conformity of its components to current road safety standards. It enables us to identify any technical risks that could lead to accidents or claims.

Vehicle condition check

Visual inspection of components

Regulatory inspection without vehicle dismantling

Identification of breakdowns and problems

Keeping your vehicle in good condition

Problems with tires, engines, or coolants affect driving and vehicle conditions. Regular checks are essential.

Tire condition

Tire condition

Tires in good condition ensure safe driving and good grip on the road surface. To meet safety standards, they must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm and tread patterns below the wear indicators.



The coolant acts on the engine to maintain a constant temperature while driving. Its level is a key indicator of vehicle condition, maintaining engine performance. It also helps prevent overheating.